May 24, 2016

Mobile journalism in Haiti

I had the privilege of being able to travel to Haiti this past February to do a story about a Nova Scotian family drawn to development work.

The Churchills are hopeful about the future of a country that has historically had a very bad go. They moved to a remote island in Haiti in September 2015.
It was a beautiful insight into life in Haiti and why one family would want to leave their regular lives to live there. In addition to the TV story, I produced a series of short vignette videosa radio documentary and an online story package in words and pictures.

This was a complicated story because it's a challenge to understand and interpret what various members of a family are thinking and feeling during such a big life change.

It was also a technical challenge, as one of the first CBC Halifax projects to be shot entirely on iPhone 6. I did a significant amount of editing on the iPhone as well, although the final edit was in an Avid desktop system. We have been moving quickly toward mobile digital journalism, which is an area with almost no guides (this is one of the first). Here's a quick shot of my gear before leaving. It all fit in a carry-on bag.

I liked the challenge of doing something that hasn't been done yet and puzzling through problems that have no established answer. It's not for nothing they call it mojo!

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