Apr 30, 2016

Thanks, Sidney

My friend Sidney died this week. He would have been 94 in June. I haven't talked to him in more than a year, but I was thinking about him a few weeks ago and told myself that I should call.

I wish I had.

The first radio documentary I ever made was about Sidney. It was a story about an 87-year-old man who joins a women's fitness studio after the death of his wife. He takes classes in ballroom dancing, Pilates, pole fitness, belly dancing, and hula hooping. It's a story about resilience and how to live. 

Sidney was an ex-navy man and a semi-professional magician who could literally pull a bouquet of paper roses out of a hat. He was marvellous. 

Today I listened to the doc again, so I could hear Sidney's voice.

I cried at all the sad bits and I laughed at all the happy bits, including when he jokes about death:
"I have a friend in this building, who, he does think a lot about dying. He says to me, 'Did you never think about dying, Sid?' No, I laugh, I laugh. I say, I don't want to be there when it happens."
When my friend C told me Sidney was gone, all we could talk about was how happy we were to have known him. He told me:
"So he says, don't you worry about what happens when you're gone? I say, 'Now why should I worry about that? I won't be here. It's going to be someone else's problem. No, I don't dwell on that.'"
Thanks Sidney, for everything.

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