Dec 15, 2015

Handy links for people interested in digital journalism

As I mentioned in my previous post, I just came off a six week course instructing digital journalism at the University of King's College. My inbox is full of links to handy reading. So I thought I'd do a brain dump here. Most of these links never made it into my course material. But I took a look at them and saved them for later, thinking they'd be handy. So here they are for public consumption.

Mindy McAdams, journalism instructor at the University of Florida, on journalists as curators.

A teaser compilation from BrainPickings of journalist Nate Silver's book on the best infographics of 2014. Personally, I find those infographics very interesting to look at but I wonder about their ease of use. They seem quite difficult to read and that's pretty key in making something useful.

Marc Settle of the BBC delivers a talk on apps that are useful for mobile journalism. Not the greatest video or sound quality.

A couple of lists from Poynter of digital tools that were useful in 2013, more for 2014, and more for 2015. I have not used all of these, and some of them like Popcorn Maker are no longer being supported, but eventually I hope to get around to trying them.

I once had the pleasure of chatting with Craig Silverman when he was involved with OpenFile Halifax. He's part of a group of journalists who published the Verification Handbook, a guide to sussing out fakes online.

Also useful for finding the fakes, here's "Six easy ways to tell if that viral story is a hoax."

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