Jun 24, 2015

Takeaways from the CAJ conference, Part 2: How to tell your stories with maps

The map below was created using a program called ARCGIS, a mapping service offered by Esri Canada, a company that specializes in geographic information. Try each of the different tabs (Global Ports, The U.S., Southern California) for a new map. 

Paul Voegele presented on behalf of Esri at the CAJ conference, teaching a course on how to use the mapping service through free accounts offered to journalists. Esri profits come from other paid services. The reason it offers the technology to journalists, Voegele explained, is because Esri hopes to build exposure as journalists embed their maps within news sites. All their maps have an Esri watermark built in. 

Here are a few examples of story maps built using ARCGIS. The links are embeddable and shareable. You can upload data from a .CVS file for quick mapping. The maps are very customizable. You can also layer in real-time conditions collected by Esri, including things like traffic conditions, building footprints, and even Twitter comments made by location.

Esri is also linked to Environics demographic information, which could be quite powerful if you're trying to map something like household debt or income by city.  

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