Jun 25, 2014

First 5k complete

A couple of months ago I told you that I was training for my first five kilometre race ever. Well, I ran it on Sunday and I'm very pleased to say I hit all my goals. It was the MEC Halifax Race 3, along the Salt Marsh Trail and Cole Harbour Heritage Park. A beautiful run through a forested area - but damn those hills!

I ran with a friend, which made the time seem shorter. I finished in 34 minutes exactly, which isn't going to win me many prizes, but I was satisfied. I thought my time would be between 35 and 37 minutes. Also, the more important goal: I didn't stop to walk once. It was awfully hard on the last hill, but I kept thinking about something that happened to me during training:

A few weeks back I was struggling to get over the 20-25 minute mark. I run with my phone, which has an app that counts down several different markers. I try not to watch the clock, but during one particularly tough run I glanced at the timer, thinking, "It's got to be time to stop."

There were six more minutes left on the clock. I gritted my teeth and settled in for six more minutes of pain, when suddenly the bell rang to end the run. I'd mis-read the timer. Instead of six more minutes, there were 60 more seconds to go. But I'd been mentally prepared to go farther, which made all the difference. 

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