May 27, 2014

The World Cup

It's almost time for the World Cup again. Hard to believe four years have passed. Sadly, I can't take a road trip like I did last time, but I will watch when I can. Normally I'm not huge on football but I can see there's an elegance to it, this beautiful game. I like the energy and the feeling of being united with other people around the world. 

My friend O, for example, took this picture of people celebrating on College Street in Toronto after the Spanish win in 2010. She told me it was incredible. She wanted me to be there with her on top of the streetcar, but I know at that very moment I was in the orange Netherlands camp in Halifax, and we were all a little let down because we'd just lost, but it was okay because it's just football and we were all there together. 

I'll be with you in spirit!

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