Feb 13, 2014

Desert festival

So I'm off to Delhi tonight, but I stuck around in Jaisalmer for the start of the Desert Festival, a three day celebration of camel racing, big moustaches (really), folk dance, and folk art. The festival opens with a parade and I took a picture of someone's camel...

And then they said "why don't you get on the camel?"

No charge for the ride. Saw some camel love...

These guys are the Mr. Desert competitors. It's very prestigious. Bikaner is another town nearby and Mr. Bikaner and his impressive moustache has progressed to the next level. 

This is a competitor for the Miss Moomal competition. Moomal is a character in a tragic Romeo and Juliet type folk tale. Behind her you will see the rear end of a camel. 

Here are the soldiers of the Border Security Force. The Pakistan border is about 150km from here. 

And one more of their proud camels. 

These ladies are social workers preparing to folk dance. 

To either side of the Mr. Desert competitor are two men in drag, which is one of the events at the festival. I also saw a woman dressed in Mr. Desert gear, which was pretty unusual. Most women don't even compete in the Miss Moomal pageant because it's considered too public, so I wanted to know how she decided to dress in men's clothing and enter Mr. Desert. I was hoping to talk to her but she got away on her camel. 

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