Jan 31, 2014

Small world

It's such a cliche, isn't it? But it really is quite a small big world. I was sitting on a floor cushion in a cafe by the lake, drinking an almond yogurt lassi. It's a backpacker kind of place, not a local sort of place, but it is quite nice and breezy. The guy sitting on the cushion across from me is middle aged, salt and pepper hair and beard. He has a copy of the Times of India and he offers it to the couple sitting next to him. They don't want it so I say, "I'll take it if you're done with it.” He hands it to me and sees my MEC bag with the Canadian flag and the CBC button and he asks, "Where in Canada are you from?" 

Turns out his name is Paul Davison and he's from Wolfville, Nova Scotia. He's an avid Information Morning listener. He recognizes me from the radio. He just retired a couple of months ago from federal Public Works...retired on a Friday and the next day was on a plane to India to go on a cross country bike tour. 

Happy trails, Paul. I'll tell the folks at home you said hi. 

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