Jan 14, 2014

In Delhi

The first thing I noticed here was the smell. In Thailand it was the heat that hit me first when walking off the plane. In Delhi the air smells smoky even inside the airport, where I am waiting for a flight to Varanasi. Thinking of the traffic and the pollution gives me a headache (unless that's jet lag). And you can even see it hazing about in the immigration hall.

I shared the last leg of the flight with Anne, a Thai-American young woman from Atlanta. She was returning to Kathmandu to continue working with a couple of startup companies that are doing market research and career counselling for Nepali youth. Neither of those are very big fields in Nepal yet. She was telling me she has just graduated with a masters in psychology in April and, unable to find work at home, went travelling. Then she found work in Nepal. However, she's planning to return to the States before June and continue the job hunt there. I was reminded of an article I read recently that argued jobs are moving away from the western nations and opportunities for western-educated graduates in developing nations are on the rise. Here it is: http://markmanson.net/work-overseas

Now this guy may be right or he may be wrong in his analysis, I haven't checked any numbers, but I know I was listening to stories about falling job numbers and youth unemployment in Canada just a few days ago so it's an interesting thought. 

Anyway, my room is just about ready now and if this post sounds bleary it's because I've been in transit for about 20 hours. I still have 12 hours to kill on the layover and I'm spending it in a premium airport lounge. Seriously, this is a worthwhile investment. Quiet, wifi, showers, beds, bottles of water. Heaven. I'm off to bed. Good night!

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  1. Premium airport lounges are the best thing ever! Soooo worthwhile. good choice, especially with the dang flights to india being so long!