Jan 30, 2014

Faces of Devpur

I'm in Udaipur, a lovely walkable city in Rajasthan state, famous for its lakes and palaces. As usual I'm behind on blogging since I moved on from Kutch yesterday. There's so much I always want to record, and never enough time. Let's catch up with two posts about Kutch before I get to Udaipur. 

The nicest thing about staying in Devpur was that everyone was so kind. My hosts were Krutarth and Yashudra, as well as their children, Krutarth's mother, aunt, and uncle. 

Jeet and Akansha were volunteers at the school. 

They took me into the sixth grade class. We sang songs and explained what they meant in English, French, Hindi, and Malayalam. The sixth grade also had a lot of questions about Canada and about me. They were real sweeties. 

I got invited to the house of the Pitroda family one evening. This is the Pitroda family and two neighbouring families, the Patels and Dharati Patel (no relation), whose husband and son are in Ahmedabad. All three families have cement houses that face a shared courtyard where the playing, resting, and laundry washing is done.

It was Bharati Pitroda who invited me over. She doesn't speak English but she wanted to show me her family photo album. We looked at pictures of her wedding with her children and her neighbour Dharati. Dharati told me she had never seen her friend's album either, and neither had the children. 

I was asked to take a photo with each of the three families, and then with the children. I didn't mind but I asked why they wanted to take photos with me. Somebody told me it was because they were so pleased I had come all the way to India and visited their homes. 

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