Jan 11, 2014

Colour and pattern

A couple of days ago I had a visit with my friend Naomi, a traveller and cookbook author. We talked about many things, including India. She lent me a book on Indian textiles. Many of the places where I will be going are famous for beautiful embroidery, silk, cotton, and weaving. I love markets and I'm looking forward to seeing the cloth on display.

There is a section in the book which quotes an Indian textiles scholar about colour.

"Red was the color evoked between lovers... yellow was the color of Vasant, of spring, of young mango blossoms, of swarms of bees, of southern winds and the passionate cry of meeting birds. Nila, indigo, was the color of Krishna, who is likened to a rain-filled cloud. But there is another blue, Hari nila, the color of water in which the sky is reflected. Gerua, saffron, with the color of the earth and of the yogi, the wandering minstrel, the seer and the poet who renounces the earth. These colors when worn by peasant or emperor were but a projection of the moods evoked by the changing seasons."

The pictures are great too. 

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