Sep 18, 2013

The summer of new

As I said a few months ago, this has been the summer of trying something new. Tons of new things! In no particular order: Wednesday trail running with the Halifax Trail Runners Club, delicious food at Lebanese Fest, backcountry camping in Kejimkujik, climbing at Sorrow's End. Here are a few pictures from a well-spent season. P.S. Sorry these are such terrible quality. Blame my battered old phone camera.

Evening sea kayaking in Terence Bay. The fog lifted just in time for a brilliant sunset. 

Za'atar bread made by the ladies at the Lebanese Fest.

Trail running at Spider Lake. My progress is slow and painful but I finished each 30-40 minute run, and that is saying something for me. Not my picture - credit to the club.  
That's me, climbing Sorrow's End. 

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