Jul 21, 2013

Sing, sing, sing

I'm taking singing lessons.

It's something I always thought would be neat to do, and I finally got around to it (didn't I say this was the summer of trying something new?). 

I'm not taking any vacation this summer so I thought, what the heck, and called up the Maritime Conservatory (picture, left) to see if they could hook me up with a teacher. My teacher's name is Lucy Hayes-Davis. She and her husband Jason are the musicians-in-residence this year at the very excellent St. Cecilia concert series

She asked me what kind of music I was interested in learning, and I said that I was interested in classical music. I was intrigued a few years ago by something someone said to me about opera feeling healthy inside to sing. Also, I was a nerdy kid, completely blown away by the Queen of the Night aria from the Magic Flute, and this child is now my idol

We began with humming, and moved on to breathing exercises, hissing, and sounds like "ya ya ya" and "ee ah oh." I feel like things are going well, as I'm stretching up to notes I never could have reached before. In the last couple weeks I've been allowed to sing words.

I am working on Over the Rainbow. I am having fun. I take a lot of pleasure in screeching at my open window, so I know those noisy neighbours who keep me up at night are having fun too.

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