Jun 3, 2013

A gardenia for the balcony

I was at a garden centre the other day, looking for some impatiens to put in the hanging pot on my balcony. It doesn't get much sun so I've accepted that only certain shade-loving plants will survive. But then I saw this beautiful gardenia bush. I've since learned that gardenias like partial shade, but I could not resist bringing it home. I hope it does well, although I am a plant killer and they have a reputation for being very difficult to grow. This plant has a lot of buds on it, so I am hoping for beautiful, sweet-smelling blossoms all summer. Gardenias come from the southern U.S. - Billie Holiday famously wore gardenias in her hair - they smell absolutely fantastic, and in the last couple of days I have been enjoying sitting out in the evenings smelling the gardenias on the warm evening air.

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