Mar 17, 2013

Music that helps in getting on with life

I met with a friend for tea last week, and we were talking about lists. We both love making lists, just to see things written down and organized on the page. She told me that when spring comes she feels the need to make lists of things to do in the coming year. I make lists all year, and leave them lying around every which way. I found this half-finished list in my drafts of blog posts, and thought I'd throw it up here.

This is a list of music that helps me get on with life when it's going sour. I often turn to music, but when things are particularly crazy it needs to be music without words (or else with words that I don't understand), and that means classical music. Here are the ones that save my sanity.

1. The Goldberg Variations by J.S. Bach, Glenn Gould
2. Adagio from Beethoven's piano concerto #5
3. Prelude from Bach's cello suite #1 in G
4. Bach's Air in G from the suite for Orchestra in C major
5. Overture from Mozart's Le Nozze de Figaro

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