Dec 31, 2012

New Year's Resolutions

So long, 2012. You were pretty even-keeled. Notable events include...Paris. New job. Rock climbing. New apartment. Realizing that most of my friends have either married, bought property, had a child, or are pregnant.
Wonder what 2013 will bring. I admit to a bit of restlessness: like I need to work harder at something, invest more of myself in something, be passionate about something. But what? Dunno yet.
Followers of this blog may remember that each year I make a new set of New Year's resolutions. I try to pick something achievable. Last year I said I would vacuum my carpet, so I would like it to be known that in September I borrowed a vacuum cleaner from a friend and did just that. 
Goal: achieved.
This year, I am taking some inspiration from Woodie Guthrie. There are so many things on his wonderful list I could resolve to do, including keeping the rancho clean. Guess I could always stand to vacuum again. 
Still and all, I think the most important thing is to:
Happy New Year, everyone. Remember to wake up tomorrow and fight! 

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