Mar 25, 2012

Three exciting announcements

It has been an exciting month for so many reasons. Three, actually:

Firstly, cameraman Steve Lawrence and I won an RTNDA award (that's Canada's Association of Electronic Journalists). It was the Hugh Haugland Award for creative use of video for our story on the gaspereau run.

That was a fun story to do. We used the Go Pro underwater camera to capture the fish underwater. For my standup on camera, it was more of a "crouch-down" under the bridge to get closer to the fish. Just you try delivering your lines to the camera with a straight face when small silver fish are flopping all over your shoes.

Secondly, I've signed on to be the new associate producer for CBC's soon-to-arrive Maritimes weekend newscast. We haven't had a weekend newscast in years, so this is almost like a blank slate. Which when you think about it is a pretty darn awesome opportunity. We will start broadcasting local TV news on Saturdays and Sundays in May. If you're in the area, please tune in.

Thirdly, my website at has been revamped, courtesy of the fantastic Ian Marquette. I built the first iteration myself with nothing but Text Edit and a library book. It has been a couple of years since then, and I figured I was overdue for a refresh. If you have been keeping track, you'll know that means I have completed exactly HALF of my new year's resolutions.

Still no progress on vacuuming my floor.


  1. Congrats, Shaina, on all of it!

    I assigned your "how to find story ideas" two-part series as mandatory reading to my new reporters last month, and direct them to how to get better interviews for kids before every school event. :)

    1. Wow, thanks Laura! Hope it helps someone :)