Aug 26, 2011

How to become Halifamous

We have a word around this town: Halifamous. We use it to talk about local people who live in (or partly in) public life, and whose faces might be known for such things as fronting a cause, making films, writing books, running for politics, owning a business, or appearing on television. Sometimes my friends think I fall into this category. Well, I'll tell you exactly how Halifamous I am.

The other night I was covering the Jack Layton memorial walk, and was following my cameraman around in the crowd. I was holding a mic that says "CBC News."

A man with a deeply tanned face in a white ball cap came up to me. He was smiling.

"Excuse me, I'm sorry to interrupt," he said. "But my friend here thinks you're Elizabeth Chiu. Are you?"

He pointed to his friend, who was also very tanned and sitting nearby. His friend had light blue ear buds stuck in both his ears, and did not take them out. He waved.

"No," I said. "Actually, I'm Shaina Luck."

The first man slapped his knee lightly and turned to his friend. They looked like they were construction workers coming off shift. "See, Kevin?" he said. "I told you she wasn't Elizabeth. Sorry about that."

People ask me that all the time, I reassured him. Not a problem.

-"You guys do a great show though. You sure you're not Elizabeth?"

-"Yes, I'm sure. I'm Shaina Luck."


-"Yes. I'm Shaina Luck. Pleased to meet you."

We shook hands all around.

The first man sized me up again.

-"Elizabeth is shorter than you, isn't she?"

Yes, I agreed. Elizabeth is shorter. She also has shorter hair, I pointed out. He shook his head in an I-shoulda-known-that way.

"Well, you're not Elizabeth," he said, trying to camouflage his disappointment. Then he was struck by an afterthought and grinned brightly: "But you're just as pretty as her!"

Nice save, boys. Nice save.

Me / Elizabeth Chiu : Can you spot the differences?


  1. Love it. This was a good one!

  2. Well,,,,other than the fact you look nothing LIKE Ms. Chiu............